At HTT B.V. you are at the right address when you want to have a full-service solution regarding inspections and maintenance work . We can carry out all kinds of inspections for you and that’s not all! We can keep all your certificates in one place, so that you do not have to spend any time on organising your certificates. Our system can send a message to you as soon as an inspection date of your work equipment has almost expired, so that you can always work safely and also guarantee this towards your clients.

If an item does not meet the stated requirements, the item will be rejected. If it is possible to repair the item at once, we can do this for you immediately, so that your item will comply with the legal requirements as soon as possible. When an item has to be replaced, we can supply all types of new items to you in mutual consultation.

If you have any doubts about whether an item has to be tested or if you would like to have maintenance carried out on your item, but do not know who can do this, please do not hesitate to contact us for advice without obligations.

Hoisting and lifting devices

The Dutch Working Conditions Act and Commodities Act place the responsibility of maintenance work and the timely inspection of hoisting and lifting devices with the entrepreneur himself. Besides that you want to observe the law, it is important for entrepreneurs to guarantee the safety of hoisting and lifting devices. During an inspection we check whether the hoisting and lifting devices still comply with the safety requirements.

Three types of inspections are necessary to guarantee the safety of your work equipment:

  • Daily inspection by users:
    Every day before use the user must check the item regarding visible defects and/or damage. Then the user decides whether this item is safe for use, so that the safety can be guaranteed for himself and his environment.
  • Annual inspection by expert:
    Every year an expert must assess the condition of hoisting and lifting devices. This expert assesses whether it is responsible to use the hoisting or lifting device in the following year. The intensity or method of use can also be examined for each hoisting and lifting device. As a result it may be decided to reduce the validity of this inspection.
  • Four-yearly inspection including test:
    Every four years a hoisting and lifting device must be tested by a professional body. On the basis of the tested results, which are tested according to fixed (rejection) criteria, it is assessed whether the further use of the hoisting or lifting device is sensible, whether the device should be repaired or rejected.

A few examples of hoisting and lifting devices which we tested in the past include:

  • Chainwork (2.3.1)
  • Hoisting belts & round slings (2.3.2)
  • Hoists & winches

Do you want to know the test interval for your hoisting and/or lifting device? Then check the summary of the inspection and test periods of hoisting and lifting devices.