Containers for land use

This category applies to containers which in principle only have to stay on land, which means that the international regulations of CSC, for example, do not apply to them.

These containers must be visually inspected every year, which means that they are visually examined according to their ‘’health”, that is to say, the condition of the container. This includes the examination of corrosion, mechanical damage or harmful deformations.

These containers must also undergo a load test with an additional NDT inspection, whereby an interval of 48 months or 4 years applies. Hereby a test is carried out on the lifting eyes on the basis of a safety factor. This test is carried out to see whether the lifting eyes can actually handle the forces that they should be able to handle. This means that after a successful inspection it is possible to establish whether these lifting eyes are also suitable for the required forces. After the load test a NDT inspection is carried out to see whether cracks have developed in the welds.

Sometimes there are deviations in this and the test period is reduced in order to always be able to guarantee the safety towards staff  and clients. We can advise and support you in this respect, so please do not hesitate to contact us.