Hoisting belts & round slings

Hoisting belts and round slings can be one of the methods to move or lift your equipment. A hoisting belt or round sling is much easier to use and lighter than a comparable hoisting device for the same application than a steel cable or chain. Moreover, there will be no corrosion on a hoisting belt, which can be an advantage when it is used much outside. The disadvantage of hoisting belts is that they are much more vulnerable compared to a steel cable or chain and that that they cannot be applied for all industries due to chemicals. We can advise you, so that we can choose the best hoisting solution for each situation together with you.

A hoisting belt or round sling is almost always made of polyester. The factor that is observed with hoisting belts and round slings is factor 7. This means that the maximum guaranteed load that can be carried by the hoisting belt or round sling is factor 7. You can quickly recognise a hoisting belt or round sling by a colour, which is linked again to a certain tonnage.

Colour scheme hoisting belts