New build containers

When a container is newly built, it has to undergo various tests according to one or more specific standards and/or guidelines. The standard that needs to be followed depends on the final destination or end customer of the container. This determines which requirements the container has to meet. It may also happen that a container must comply with multiple standards, such as for example a CSC certification (NEN-ISO 1496) + an offshore certification (NEN-EN-ISO 10855:2018). We regularly carry out tests according to the standards/guidelines:

  • Standard NEN-ISO 1496
  • Directive DNV 2.7-1
  • NEN-EN-ISO 10855:2018 standard

Some of the tests we can perform for you according to the standard are:

  • Stacking test
  • Lifting top corner fittings
  • Lifting bottom corner fittings
  • Restraint (longitudinaal)
  • Strength of end walls
  • Strength of side walls
  • Roof strength
  • Floor strength
  • Rigidity (transverse)
  • Rigidity (longitudinaal)
  • Lifting fork-lift pockets

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