Mobile scaffolds

When using mobile scaffolds it is obviously important from a safety viewpoint that the construction is built soundly according to the user manual and that the condition of the material is in order. This can be assessed every year in an objective way during an inspection. Hereby the various standards and laws in this field are guiding principles, for example  NEN-EN 1004, NEN-EN 1298 and the Working Conditions Act. Because the mobile scaffolds are checked every year on the basis of the stipulated points, the risk of danger and unsafe situations will be minimised.

We can carry out this annual safety check of your mobile scaffold(s). After the end of the inspection you will immediately receive a proof of inspection through an inspection report, which includes all required information and possible advice. If a mobile scaffold does not comply with the regulations , you will receive a rejection report stating which parts have defects, so that they can be repaired. We can carry out minor repairs for you, so that you do not have to worry about this.

Moreover, we work together closely with ZARGES, A-brand in the field of aluminium climbing materials and special constructions for working at heights. This means that we can also provide replacement material and/or parts, if this is required as a result of the inspection.

Please contact us to discuss all options for your specific situation with regard to testing your portable climbing material.